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The feeling of a sacred presence, a spiritual source or grounding within me and all beings, has led me to treasure its representations in mystical traditions, particularly those of Native America, India and Tibet. I write poetry to articulate love for this presence, for the living waters of our minds and bodies and the living waters of our world. I write out of fear and hope amidst the challenges we face today, for our spiritual treasures threatened by monocultures of power, for the possibility of a variegated artistic and spiritual community.

Owl wings are softly feathered at the tips to be silent in flight in the quiet dark of night, where their ears and eyes are very sharp. I like to think that poetry, deep writing and art emulate this silence of approach as they seek to close in on hidden thoughts, feelings and images, to capture them in words and pictures.

If you feel inclined toward words thus drawn from silence, toward visibles drawn from the invisible, please join us here in Owlfeather, a virtual collective of spiritually, socially and environmentally concerned poets, artists and writers.

We invite you to pay artistic homage to the elements, to persons and places as sacred centers, to intense thoughts and feelings articulated toward consciousness, to journeys as pilgrimages, to the gifts of food and nature’s bounties, to the wisdoms of elders and those who came before us, to our guides and teachers both embodied and in spirit, to a middle way between being excessively corny and excessively erudite (I mention this point for myself because I’m a PhD from New York with roots in Wisconsin), to other homages of attention as you may wish to post them.

3 thoughts on “About Owlfeather

  1. I concur with my friend Ralph Nazareth’s view of your page, both the visual and verbal images: very beautiful! In many senses my own work derives from the stillness and centrality you sacralize here. Bravo!

  2. Thanks Owlfeather Collective for making me part of your family. Proud to have Rooting/Desarraigar now among your publications.

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