Publication Announcement: The Ideal in the Mind

Owlfeather Collective is pleased to announce the publication of Suzanne Ironbiter’s new poetry collection, The Ideal in the Mind.

“In my rushing mind / where does clarity open its luminous space among the cloudy worlds of thought?”

In her latest collection of poetry, Suzanne Ironbiter generously offers the reader insights into sources of clarity and steadiness in this troubled world. She situates herself among fellow creatures, attentive to a marvelous multitude of plants from dandelions to old oaks and animals from bees to whales. From this foundation, Ironbiter’s poems confidently reach out to take strength from everyday objects and activities, as well as lessons from indigenous, Buddhist, and scientific thoughtways, and joy from well-loved storytellers and artists. Her poems seek and find balm for herself and those around her as we all struggle through these times of COVID.

Anyone interested in contemplative poetry, spiritual reflection, and study of the mind – the heart/mind as Buddhists know it – will find much nourishment in this volume.

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Proceeds from the sale of this book support Riverkeeper and the Community Center of Northern Westchester.