Owlfeather Collective


One of the premises of Owlfeather is that art is a spiritual practice perfecting the virtue of generosity. Therefore each writer publishing a book with the Owlfeather imprint agrees to donate the royalties earned from the book to a self-selected humanitarian, environmental and/or cultural cause. The writer organizes and pays for the book’s print-on-demand publishing. Owlfeather pays for and provides the book’s ISBN and posts the book and purchase link on its website. The author organizes all other publicity and marketing. No money passes hands between Owlfeather and the writer.

A second premise of Owlfeather is that the spiritual in art, as in life, requires a regular discipline of personal practice and a community of shared concerns. The imprint’s intention is to provide a platform for writing, grounded within or outside of particular spiritual traditions, that articulates spiritual witness in our world today.

We review submitted manuscripts to determine if they are suitable for the Owlfeather imprint. We may suggest optional editorial revisions for accepted manuscripts. Authors determine the final published form of their books.

We offer gratitude to the poets who nourish us.

A window for seeing.
A window for hearing.
A window like a well
that plunges to the heart of the earth
and opens to the vast unceasing love in blue.
A window lavishing the tiny hands of loneliness
with the night’s perfume from gentle stars.
A window through which one could invite
the sun for a visit to abandoned geraniums.

from “Window” by Forugh Farrokhzad, translated by Sholeh Wolpe in Sin: Collected Poems of Forugh Farrokhzad (University of Arkansas Press, 2007)